• Dale Elliott

5 Tips on doing voiceover work from home

(my observations anyway)

1. I've seen a number of people comment "work from home, you can wear your PJ's". And while this is definitely true, it's a good discipline to carry on as you're going into the office. There's a tendency for letting things slip just a little bit and to gradually become a bit lazy.. my opinion only.

Really the only thing that has changed is your physical work environment, so try to keep your mind firmly in work mentality, even though if your office is in a spare bedroom.

2. Create a fist pumping, high energy music playlist of your favourite songs to "kickstart your heart" every day! Think- Dwight K. Shrute rockin out in the Dunder Mifflin stairwell or playing air guitar in the backseat of Jim's car. Ok, maybe nix the air guitar unless you can really shred. The idea here is, self-motivate..daily!

3. Work with your shoes on! Wait, what's that again? This might seem odd at first, but similar to point 1, I believe this will help your mind stay in work mode better and on task. Possibly the shoes thing doesn't make sense for you, but find a habit that does the trick to accomplish this feat. (pun intended)

4. Well, if you happen to have your shoes on..get up from your desk/ studio and move around.

For instance, go for a walk. Or if you're like me and you have a dog, let him walk you! Switch up your routine as it helps you accomplish more than if you try and sit and work for hours on end. By doing something active, you're getting the heart rate up and giving the brain & eyes a needed rest.

5. Eyes on the prize. Stay FOCUSED

Use social media as a valuable resource to discover new leads and develop business relationships. It's too easy waste a ton of time of FB, etc. and not accomplish very much.

Working from home is like a 2 sided coin. On one side, it's a more relaxed, casual setting. One might think it's more likely to be productive here. The reality is that you're 10 feet away from the fridge, couch and big screen TV too! That means it's easier to get sidetracked and will require you stay vigilant and disciplined. Having daily, weekly and monthly goals can help greatly.

Always remember to remind yourself how fortunate you are to be your own boss and have the FREEDOM to work from home.


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